Without time to accompany their parents, buy them pot flowers!

1 longevity flower

Longevity flower has the meaning of Fushou Corning, which is a kind of succulent plant. The leaves contain sufficient water. It is very convenient to manage and manage it. It is very suitable for the elderly to maintain.

Reproductive method:

Longevity flowers can be inserted in the leaves. After dried the wound when you are dried, you can grow new plants.

You can also use stem cutting methods, combined with the flowering period, cut the branches that have just been bloomed, robust and disease -free and insect pests, trim the branches into a length of about 5 cm. In the loose and breathable matrix of the cuttings Can take root.

2 Clivia

The graceful Clivia, can enjoy flowers and leaves, has very strong vitality. Since ancient times, it has been loved by people.

Reproductive method:

Clivia can breed in the method of division. Carefully cut the child’s plant from the mother plant, and apply the ash of the plant to prevent rotting on the ash to prevent rotting.

It can also be disinfected with polymorphic or potassium permanganate, then dry, plant with loose and breathable soil, and can produce new root systems in one to two months.

3 chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum has always been considered a representative of Gao Jie’s longevity, which is very suitable for the elderly planting and maintenance. Maintenance management is also very convenient. You can bloom gorgeous flowers without careful maintenance!

Reproductive method:

The chrysanthemum cuttings are very simple. During the Dragon Boat Festival, Huahua stabbed a few branches and put it in the pot. When you cut the cuttings, you can choose the chrysanthemums of chrysanthemums. Try to choose spring, and the cutting rate will be higher.

4 girchia

The fragrance of geranium can soothe people’s nervousness and play a role of peace and calmness. Putting two pots in the living room of the elderly can alleviate the symptoms of long -term insomnia for the elderly.

Reproductive method:

Geranium can use cuttings to reproduce, cut growing strong branches, can be about 10 cm in length, dry the wound, then cut into perlite or river sand, keep the soil moist, you can take root in three or four weeks · you can take root in three or four weeks. Essence

5 mint

Huahua plant a pot of mint in the balcony. When you want to directly pick up two leaves with mint tea, clear heat and fire, clear your heart, whether you are young or old, it is worth raising a pot.

Reproductive method:

Mint can be reproduced with sowing and cutting methods. Now in summer, it is not suitable for sowing. You can use cuttings to breed, cut mint branches of about 10 cm, cuttings into the soil, keep moist, and quickly take root.

6 lilies

Has the Lily breeding ball sold some time ago, did anyone buy a few people? The petals of lilies can make porridge, which has the effect of moisturizing the lungs. If there is a small courtyard in the family, don’t miss it.

Reproductive method:

The well -growing lily breeding ball will grow small balls from the mother’s ball. Everyone can be planted directly.

Flowers, have you sent flowers to your parents?

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