Wooden flower seeds to germination method

Immersion method

Some seeds need to be soaked with cold water or warm water before sowing to allow the seeds to absorb water and swell. After sowing, they can germinate early; some seeds are sprayed with warm water before sowing to make the seeds moist and uniform, and sow the seeds.

Usually small granular seeds can be sowed for 3-5 days with cold water; the seeds of thick seeds need to be soaked in warm water of about 45 degrees after 3-5 days. Seeds such as locusting, peaches, Li, and apricot should be burned with hot water.

Specific operation

Put the seeds into the tank and pour the hot water about 85 degrees. The amount of water is 2-3 times the volume of the seeds. Stir it while pouring the water to make the seeds evenly heated, and then let the water cool down naturally. Then use 45 degrees warm water to flush 1-2 times a day, and plant the seeds after the seeds “crack”.

Layer -to -layer germination method

This method is very effective for seeds with long dormancy and slow germination. The choice of sand should be washed and washed. The humidity of the sand should be stored in the low-temperature environment of 0-5 degrees in the low-temperature environment of 0-5 degrees. You can sow.

Waxing and oil method

This method is used for waxy or fat seeds with outer skin.

Specific operation

Put the seeds in a mixture of 70 degrees of grass, gray water or water and alkaline noodles, soak the wax skin or oil after the water is cooling, rinse it with water, and pick it out. “After sowing.

Leather method

If the seeds of the seeds are very hard, the seed skin can be screamed.

Yangye Guning Bettering Method

Fill the fine wood chips or wheat bran into the hotbed, and the thickness of 10 cm can be poured after flattening. After sowing, cover about 1 cm of wood chips. After spraying water, the water is wet and wet, and the film is covered with a thin film. The seeds “crack mouth” can be sowed, or the seeds can be transplanted until the seeds grow.

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