Worry -free breeding method

Worry -free breeding method

Light temperature

Worry -free flowers prefer a warm environment. It can resist high temperature, but it is not too cold, and avoid frost. When the temperature is too low, the plant will stop growing. Like light, you can resist yin to the seedling stage.


There is no worry about breeding. The soil required is an acidic soil or a microbacomic soil. Generally, it is required to be fertile, moist and well -drained. It should be noted that in the drought and barren soil, the worry -free flower will grow poorly, sticky, sticking, sticking to sticky flowers, sticking to sticky flowers, sticking to sticky flowers, sticking to sticky flowers, sticking to sticky. The heavy soil is not suitable for breeding.


Frequent worry -free spends is to pay attention to proper fertilization. Generally, rotten fertilizer can be used as base fertilizers, which can promote the growth of plants.

It grows strong in spring and summer. Generally, fertilization is required once a month, mainly nitrogen fertilizer. After autumn, pay attention to stop fertilization.

Precautions for breeding of worry -free flowers


When breeding is worry -free flowers, you need to trim. Generally, after the formation of the main trunk, it is mainly pruning and controlling the height of the plant. Then it is to cultivate better tree shapes.


The pests and pests of worry -free flowers are not very large, but pay attention to preventive work.

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