Wuzhu’s flower language and symbolic meaning

Wuzhu’s flower language

Wuzhu, native to southern Africa. Over time, Wuzhu has been widely cultivated and has been introduced to various countries. my country is also introduced. Wuzhu is a semi -shrub plant, with many branches and spikes. The first impression of Wu Zhu is full of vitality and vitality. The green branches and leaves appear to be extremely strong and strong. It is free and easy. Therefore, Wuzhu’s flower language is elegant.

Just like its green color gives a refreshing and elegant feeling, it is always vibrant as its survivability, just like a sunny teenager that makes people like it so much.

It is convenient for management like a hidden poet, free and elegant.

The symbolic meaning of Wuzhu

Because Wenzhu is more well -known, Wuzhu is not understood and liked by most people. However, Wuzhuzhi is soft and green, and the stems are long extended, such as the flowing flowing water. Wu Zhu’s tough and upright figure symbolizes an indomitable spirit, making people feel full of vitality and profound meaning. Like Wenzhu, it is loved by literati. Putting in the case of the case, it can also highlight the high wind and bright festival, setting off a beautiful artistic conception.

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