Yang Mei’s variety to see again and again

荸 荸 荸 荸 荸

This kind of distribution in my country is the most widely distributed and has the largest planting area. It is native to Lanxi, Yuyao, Cixi and Xianju in Zhejiang Province. It is currently the main variety of domestic push. In 1984, he won the World Tourism Food Golden Guida Award and the National Silver Award for the Gand Shui Water Cannes made in 1984. The breeding bayberry is mature in late June every year. The fruit quality is excellent, which is purple and black. The flesh and the nucleus are easy to separate. This variety can be eaten fresh or squeezed. It is reported that bayberry has anti -cancer effects.

Night rice bayberry

The late rice bayberry has a history of more than 140 years of cultivation. It is one of the best late rice varieties with the best quality. Late rice bayberry matures in early July. Compared with other varieties, the fruity aroma is more rich and is an excellent variety of fresh food and processing. The root system is developed, resistant to barren soil, and is urged. However, the disease is weak, so strict quarantine before planting, and also need to pay attention to prevention and insects during the planting process.

Dongkui Opr

Alias ​​Ju Mei, with the largest bayberry type, is native to Huangyan and Linhai Xianju in Zhejiang. It is generally mature in early July. The fruit is purple, sweet and sour, and the quality is high. Dongkui baying trees grow very well, and the branches are relatively sparse but thick. Therefore, the wind resistance is strong, the output is relatively high and stable, and it is suitable for fresh food.

Ding Yimei is native to Chashan, Zhejiang, and is generally mature in late June. The fruit is purple -red and the fruits are long. One prominent feature is that the fruit pipe has green tumor -like raised. If you are resistant to storage and transportation.

Early Matta Mi Mei

This is a kind of real mutation of ravioli species. It is one week to two weeks as early as bayberry, which can obviously earlier the period of early bayberry. It is a successful precocious variety selection. The fruit of the fruit is similar to the species of coriander, and it is purple -red. The fruit shape is significantly greater than the “Wild Wha” bayberry of the same period.

Anhai Sanmei

Native to Anhai, Fujian, Anhai Sani bayberry is a positive spherical shape. The mature fruits are purple and black, the meat column is round and blunt, and there is a green tumor protrusions on the fruit. Anhai Sani Yangmei has a thick and hard taste and is very resistant to storage and transportation. Therefore, this variety is more common in the fruit market in the field of fruit. It is a rare and suitable variety of long -distance transportation.

Linhai Zao Da Mei

As its name, it is a large fruit variety with a relatively early maturity period. Generally, it is mature in mid -June and the quality is better. This variety of flesh is harder and more resistant to storage and transportation. After harvesting, it can still maintain the original fruit color after 1 day, which has great potential for development.

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