You are desperately getting rich, I just want to raise flowers!

The house I want does not need to be luxurious, no need to be in the city in the city

Building a house in the countryside, the area is not large

There is a small courtyard to satisfy my spring, winter, autumn and summer

Spring is here, take off the heavy cotton clothes

Starting one year in the small courtyard

You plant the dishes I love to eat

I planted the flowers you like to enjoy

Pour in heart and see them germinated

Feed a few groups of chickens and ducks, raise two cats and dogs

See they play in the courtyard

Chicken and dogs smell each other, flowers and birds are accompanied

We put on a few tea bowls


It won’t take long, the lotus in June

Dushan brought the coolness of summer

Pick off chili, eggplant, radish, cucumber

In addition to self -sufficient, you can also give it to Neighbor neighborhood

Chat with them, talk

Share sharing the joy of harvesting

You taste the pumpkin soup I made

I taste the big buns you made

Talk about laughing, just spend the spring and summer like this

After breakfast, we walked hands on the slate road with both hands

You can say hello if you are familiar and unfamiliar

Buy some fruits on the market

Drink tea shop on the roadside

Good time is now

Take a flower stand in the courtyard

Afternoon flower viewing tea

Tell the children a story at night

The fireworks on the rocking chair are cool

Life is long water flowing

Time gentle

Who said there is no paradise

The autumn wind rises, blowing yellow paddy fields

We work in the field

Ren Khan slipped on his face

Spring, summer, autumn and winter, years

In winter, snow outside the window

Several sparrows are in the courtyard

We are nesting at home

Burning the fireflower fire

Read a book silently

Listening to music quietly

Talk about our little days

There is no flickering neon light here

No car water horse

No noisy crowd

No high consumption

There are a small river here

Two old trees, a few strands of cooking smoke

The old man is sang in a low voice

Children are chasing and making trouble

Couples secretly send autumn waves

There are mountains in the distance, there are rivers nearby, and you are around you

The sun is full of the whole courtyard

Fanhua climb on the fence

After walking for so many years, I still want to go back after all

The place named hometown

I don’t want to be rich and rich in this life

Just look for the health of the first life

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