You are not rare, the green sponge, everyone has developed a ladylike fan, and his eyes are open!

1 Decoration living room

Replace a beautiful flowerpot for Green Diaolian, put it on the coffee table in the living room, or hang on the wall of the living room. The green branches and leaves hang down, bringing a touch of coolness to the hot summer.

Spidering orchid


2 Decorative bathroom

Green Luo Zanglan likes the air with greater humidity. It is not strict with light, and it is most suitable to put it in the bathroom.Putting two pots of green dill in the bathroom, the entire space will be full of vitality.

3 decorative desk

Put a pot of green dill in the desk and desk. The tender green leaves can improve your brain for you, tired of work and study, watering them, wipe the blades, and simple work can relax your body and mind.

4 Decorative kitchen

The kitchen is the focus of oil fume, and the air quality is poor. Putting two pots of green spit orchids can absorb harmful substances, purify the air, and make the greasy kitchen clean and refreshing.

5 Decoration wall

The empty wall is too monotonous?It is better to let the green dill climb to the wall, and the vitality feels spontaneous.

Flowers, have you learned?

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