You can not raise any flowers in autumn. Only this, 100 pots are not too much!

How to cut chrysanthemum?

① Choose healthy branches and retain only 2 or 3 leaves at the top, all of which are removed.

② Cut off the long branches below and keep the length of about 8cm above.

Prepare sand in the pot and poke a hole with chopsticks.

③ Carefully stuffed the chrysanthemum branches, and gently press the surrounding sand.

It can also be moisturized on the top. Wet the sand soil with a watering pot. About 2 weeks, chrysanthemums took root.

How to divide the chrysanthemum?

① Take off the chrysanthemum and clean the soil on the root system.

② According to the natural form of the root system, separate the plant.

③ Prepare new flower pots, just put it on the pot!

How to get rid of chrysanthemum?

Generally, chrysanthemums will be topped 2 to 3 times to promote the germination of the side branches so that the flowers bloom more!

When the chrysanthemum seedlings grow to about 10cm, the first topping can be performed for the first time. During the topping, only 3 to 5 leaves at the base of the plant can be left, and the small buds above are left.

When the new branches have 5 ~ 6 blades in the future, you can have the second topic!

What should I do if the chrysanthemum does not bloom?

Reason 1: Light time is too long

Chrysanthemum is a short -day plant. There are too many daily light time, which will affect the flower bud differentiation of chrysanthemums. Therefore, if the chrysanthemum does not bloom, the chrysanthemum can be locked into the small black room.

Ensure that the light of chrysanthemums is less than 12 hours a day.

Reason two: Insufficient temperature difference

In addition to the time of light, the condition of chrysanthemum buds also has temperature differences. Only the temperature difference can bred flower buds in an environment at an environment of about 10 ° C.

Therefore, conditional flower friends are best to put chrysanthemums outdoors to increase the temperature difference between day and night.

Reason three: lack of fertilizer

It is mainly missing the phosphorus and potassium. Therefore, you can spray potassium dihydrogen phosphate and configure it at a ratio of 1: 1000. Once once a week, spray it 3 times in a row, and you can get pregnant.

What about chrysanthemum rotten roots?

① First take the chrysanthemum from the flower pot and clean the soil on the root system.

② Carefully check the root system of chrysanthemums and cut off the rotten root system with sharp scissors.

③ Put the chrysanthemum wound in the bacterial solution for about 20 minutes, sterilize and disinfection. Then take it out and put it in a cool and ventilated place to dry.

④ Prepare new soil and flower pots, don’t use the previous one to avoid rotting again. Put a layer of ceramic grains at the bottom of the flower pot, transmit water, and then fill the pot.

How to maintain chrysanthemum daily?

1. Soil: Chrysanthemum likes a loose and fertile, and the drainage is good. Therefore, the more appropriate soil ratio is: 6 parts of rotten soil, 3 sandy loam soil, and 1 cake fatty residue.

2. Watering: chrysanthemums are water, watering once every 2 to 3 days, watering in the morning or at night.

3. Fertilization: After the autumn, the rotten phosphorus and potassium liquid fertilizer every 7 to 8 days, or with 0.1%potassium dihydrogen phosphate, or 30%rotten cake fertilizer water.

4. Lighting: Chrysanthemum is a short -day plant. The daily light time can only bloom less than 12 hours. Note that the lights are not good. If the home is very bright at night, then cover a paper box for chrysanthemums!

What should I do after the chrysanthemum?

In fact, it is just to cut off the chrysanthemums that have been bloomed. After all, staying on it is also a waste of nutrition.

When trimming, cut off the chrysanthemum from the root of about 2cm. Note that the small seedlings that germinate from the roots at the bottom do not need to be removed. It is very cold -resistant and winter is not a problem!


It is the season when chrysanthemum blooms,

Isn’t it really a pot?

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