You have never seen the global wonderful plants

Lip flower

This strange plant seems to have been treated, however, it can be determined that its tempting lips are natural. Lips grow in the tropical rainforest of some countries in Central America and South America. The plant evolves into this shape is to attract these paste in hummingbirds and butterflies. However, the plant has been extinctant due to the unmodied forests of these countries.

heaven bird

Also known as the bliss bird flower, the original South Africa. To commemorate the Britain George Third Queen Charlotte CHARLOTTE OF MECKLENBURG-strelitz named. Inflorescence, the bird is straight like a bird, and can support the sun bird standing above eating nectar, then open the petals, cover the pollen on the bird feet.

Flying dull

This is a natural orchid produced in Australia. The side of the flowers is like a small duck that is only empty. Therefore, Australia is not only like a duck’s duck with a orchid.


The Iris of the Iris, about 300, IRIs from Greek, “Rainbow”. Natural irises is mainly distributed in North Africa, Spain Portugal, Caucasus, etc. Usually the German iris, the Spanish Iris, the Netherlands also has “Blue Magic Blue Devil” iris, Brahi, the French flower is a fragrant Iris.

The world’s largest flower big king flower

Strange parasitic plants, only one flower in his life, four days, the maximum diameter is 1.4 meters. End a curtain, also known as the corrugated flowers. The king flower does not neither the leaves and there is no stem, but parasitic is in the lower part of the root or stem of the grape articulatory vines. (How do this picture look particularly uncomfortable … ?!)

Gooseberry Ribes UVA-CRISPA

Also known as the currant lamp. Minerals such as 18 amino acids, vitamin C B1 B2 iron tin, including the human body. Each 100 grams contains 200 mg of vitamin C, which is second only to kiwi in the fruit. Includes biological flavonoids, softened blood, reduce blood lipids and blood pressure, anti-cancer, and the like.

Osilia Rose Osiria Rose

Du Yinghua

Du Yingko Du Ying is a tremorary plant. There are about 200 species, distributed in tropical and subtropical regions.

Durolaman Dracula Simia

The weird orchids of Ecuador southeast and Peru fumes, about 120, because most of the monkey faces are called “小龙”. This orchid is usually long in terms of nearly 2,000 meters above the line of sight, and it is difficult to find it very homincby. Although Dracula is also the name of Vacani Degula, this is the meaning of “Xiaolong”.

King Pasta Flower

Also known as the emperor, is the national flower in South Africa.


A genus underway, for upright or climbing submerged plants. There are about 170 species, distributed in Africa, Asia and Oceania.


Originally produced in the Indian Ocean. Flat is like a lot of tentacles, only medium-size petals can be bred for a huge fruit.

Blue eye

About 50 species from the “bones” and Latino “seed” from Greek, the “bones” and Latin “seed” are all produced in Africa, 35 of which are plants in the southern Africa and Arabia.

Teddy bear sunflower

Dwarf and thick dense orange petals, the blurred appearance is embarrassed. (Flower grass also sells cute …)

Ghost flower crystal

Dellheramics, not orchid, is not mushroom, for the parasitic plants, no lurchicone without photosynthesis, and the leaves are exposed to scales. It is common to have an altitude of 1500-2500 meters. Misrini is crystal, and there is a crystalline pipe. Although it is called the ghost flower, it will not hurt people, and there is a good effect on the treatment of medical treatment.

Calathea Warscewiczii

Xiaozhu is a genus, is a belong to Zhurano. For many years herbal plants. There are about 150 species, distributed in tropical and Africa.

Palace Lamp Sandersoniaaurantiaca


Two-color sorrel O. Versicolor

Crysthesis is the largest genus under the sorrel. 900 species have been known in the Crystal Branch, and 800 is a sorrel. Many species are called sorrel. The sate is spread all over the world except in the world. The variety of tropics and South Africa in Brazil and Mexico are particularly rich.

Ice cream tulip

Almost equivalent to 2 ordinary tulips, folded petals like peony, often known as peony tulips. The central white petals is closely stacked together, it is really like vanilla ice cream.

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