Your pot surface is bare?With these plants, these plants are so beautiful!


Moss plants are a small green plant with a cool and humid environment. It has a simple structure, including two parts of stems and leaves, without real roots. Fake roots only support the effect, absorb nutrients by stems and leaves.

The moss paving surface is almost appropriate. It can be moisturized, can also maintain the temperature of the pot soil, and can increase the potted face value. It is too practical!

Matching plants: bamboo and orchids such as shade -resistant and wet plants.


The copper coins are short, the leaves are dense, and the roots are easy to produce after the soil. Vitality is very strong and easy to maintain. Do you think that copper coins can only be used as potted plants alone? It is also very wonderful to be used as potted grass.

Coppercurus is used as a guard, we can use it to determine whether the pot is short of water. When the water is sufficient, the grass will grow green, which is very beautiful; on the contrary, the grass will be yellow, withered, and no spirit. At this time, you can pour water through the flowers. In addition, copper coins can also absorb excess water in the pot.

Plants with high branches such as gardenia, jasmine, and sunny plants.

Bo Xue Wannian Cao

Bo Xue Wannian grass -shaped mini -shaped mini, stems always grow, leaves are densely distributed, easy to maintain, easy to reproduce, and easily grow. Therefore, many flower friends will use it as potted grass.

Potting surface planting points of thin snow can be slowly evaporated by soil moisture and moisturizing. It can also prevent the soil from heating up and cooling too fast, keeping the temperature of the pot soil stable. In addition, we can also judge the water and fertilizer of plants by observing its growth.

Recommended plants: branches such as rose and Milan, otherwise Bo Xue is full of grass, and it is easy to make the lord.


Cuiyuncao is also called ground cypress leaves. The stems are voripan, which are extremely soft. The lobular ovation, blue -green, very unique and cute.

Cui Yuncao is used to cover the material of the pot surface, which is very obvious, which is very conducive to the maintenance of yin -resistant and wet plants.

Passion with plants: orchids, because of its compact plant type, the pot surface will leave a blank space, and the seedlings can make it less monotonous.


Three -leaf grass plant is low, straight root, soft stems and leaves, abundant leaves, strong environmental adaptability, strict requirements on the soil, can adapt to various types of soil, and the vitality is very strong.

In addition to moisturizing and insulation, its ability to resist diseases and insect pests is also very strong. And the leaves are green all year round, which can increase the value of potted plants ~

Matching plants: Suitable for wooden potted plants such as Happiness Tree, and you may be able to find clover from it, which will bring more blessings.


If you think that planting grass is too troublesome, you can also use some deer marsh to cover the pot surface and decorate it. Our pot soil does not need to be naked outside, which looks monotonous.

The deer marsh soil pavement noodles can keep the pot surface clean and beautiful, but also prevent mosquito and deworming. Second, it can stabilize the root of the plant, and it can also ensure that the water permeability is not rotten.

Matching plants: Suitable for succulent and cactus, such as adorable and not wet plants.

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