Zhenanan’s farming method


Zhuan should use loose fertilizer and good drainous soil, and the soil is preferably used in neutral soil. The soil of Zhuanas is a mixed soil of humisure, cultivating soil and coarse sand. It is best to add a small amount of composite fertilizer in the cultivating soil as a base fertilizer, and the base fertilizer can sprinkle the soil when the upper basin.


Zhenan is extremely sensitive to moisture and maintains a certain humidity during growth. Water shortage can cause the leaves to fall, and too much water will cause water in the basin, resulting in a phenomenon that the leaves fall into the yellow. The growth period of Zhenan is often sprayed, the humidity is 50-60%. Growth season, the watering season is sufficient, and the dry season and summer weather need to be watered daily, in order to keep the humidity, it is necessary to spray water on the leaves.


The yield temperature of Zhuanan should be between 20-25 ° C, the temperature during the day can reach 25-30 ° C, and the temperature in winter is low, and should be maintained between 7-10 ° C. The temperature remember cannot be less than 4 ° C, and the individual varieties can resist 0 ° C low temperature environment, which can be seen that the growth adaptability of Zhenanas is more powerful.


Zhenbai Guang, the northern region can put indoor semi-light at the entire year, or the spring and autumn season can be placed outdoors. The temperature in winter is low, the light is weak, and it can be placed directly into the room with sunshine, reducing the watering of the plants and stops fertilization, and the wintering temperature should be higher than 10 ° C.


Zhuana should apply a fertilizer every half a month in the peak season. The fertilizer of Zhuanan will also lead to the darkness, thin, serious and even the widening leaves of the Zhenan Growth, which will affect the growth and ornamental of Zhenanan.

Pest harm

Zhuan is often affected by leaf spot and anthrax. Therefore, when these two hazards are encountered, the antibacterial agent solution can be sprayed, and 40% oxide 1000 times the liquid solution is used in the case of a chopper. .

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