Ziyunying’s breeding method and precautions

Purple Yunying’s breeding method


Ziyunying fertilizes for phosphate fertilizer and potassium fertilizer, and nitrogen fertilizer can be added appropriately. Different fertilizers are applied in different times, and calcium phosphate and dung water are applied in the late autumn to promote early root tumors and early seedlings. Around the winter solstice, potassium fertilizer or plant ash is applied to enhance cold resistance; urea is applied to the growth of branches and leaves after the beginning of spring.

Timely crushing

Ziyunying is generally crushed when it is more than ten days during the flowering period. For large -scale breeding, the appropriate amount of lime is applied per acre to promote the rotten of plants to neutralize acidity.

Timely watering

Ziyun Yingxian is warm and humid environment, especially in the growth period that requires sufficient water, but it is also necessary to avoid stagnant water. Therefore, it is important to control the amount of watering. In addition, it is necessary to spray water to keep the environment moist.

Precautions for Ziyunying Conservation

Sowing in time

According to Ziyun Yingxian, it can be sowed for more than 20 days after the harvest of the dusk and autumn. When sowing, you need to pay attention to the seeds to be soaked, dry and germinated, so that the germination rate can be increased.


When the Ziyun Ying seeds are germinated with germination, the root of the root is mixed with a cold porridge soup.

Strengthen maintenance management

For large -scale Ziyunying’s economic farming, after the harvest of late rice, it is necessary to open a ditch, including Huantian ditch, compartment ditch, cross drainage ditch to keep the soil moist and avoid stagnant water. In addition, we must also pay attention to the prevention and treatment of diseases and insect pests. For the solution of polymorphic or antibacterials for pink disease, solve the use of pleasures such as aphids, and resolved for adhesive insects or rice vinegar and sugar essence. In addition, we need to pay attention to avoid livestock harm.

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