Can Chiba lotus directly bask in the sun?

Put in bright and sunny places in summer

In the hot summer, the sun is very strong. However, at the same time, it is necessary to ensure that it can receive sufficient light, and avoid disorderly plant types due to insufficient light, lack of compactness, lighter leaf color, and too fast. Therefore, Chiwa Lotus should be placed in a bright place in the summer.

Two seasons of spring and autumn, can be fully illuminated

Spring and autumn is the growth period of Chiba lotus, and light should be increased at this time. When the temperature is not too high, that is, after the hottest time is over, at this time, they can be placed in the sun to receive the baptism of the whole sun to meet their growth and development of light and make them grow well.

In winter, put in the room to the sun

The temperature is low in winter. In order to avoid Chiwan frostbite, it is necessary to maintain indoor. And in order to ensure that it can accept sufficient sunlight to maintain its good appearance, it should be placed in the warm sun, that is, the sunlight can be shown.

In summary, whether Chiwa can directly bask in the sun depends on the season. When the sunshine intensity is moderate in the spring and autumn, they can accept the light all day; the sunlight is too strong in summer, and the sunlight should be avoided at this time; when the winter arrives, they must be placed in a more sunny place. After all, at this time at this time, at this time Light is not full of summer. In short, it is necessary to determine how much light is based on seasonal changes. It is a trick to ensure its normal growth ~