What are the varieties of Margaret flowers

Pink spray point

As the name suggests, the flowers are pink, and the petals are white spots, but the spots in summer will gradually become lighter. The flowering period is in the spring and autumn seasons. When blooming, each flower seems to have two colors, which is very beautiful.

Pink surprise

People often call it pink hydrangea, and the petals are layered and made up a spherical flower. When the film blooms, it feels bright in front of the eyes. If you want to raise a pot of chrysanthemum, this is definitely a good choice.

Pink giant

The little giants in Margaret\’s pink flowers have large flowers, slender and elegant petals, and they are darker when they bloom. There is a circle of dark red around the flower heart, which is very beautiful.

Pink single

Pink single petals are the most common and classic varieties of Margaret flowers. The strain is compact, yellow flower heart, pink flowers, fresh and refined like girls. No matter how new, this variety is an eternal classic.

Big flower candy

Large flower types with candy -like colors, one has a variety of colors, colorful. Many flower buddies who like Margaret start with candy!

Big goose yellow

The double -layer petal is a variety that is more tolerant. It grows normally in the sun in summer, and the high temperature will not make it darker. It is a very good variety for the flower friends in the south!


The reason why the name is discolored is because the little flower is milk yellow when it is just open, and then it becomes pink. In the same Margaret, because the flowering time is different, it presents two colors of red and yellow flowers.

White hydrangea

The petals inside and outside overlap each other, forming the shape of a hydrangea, and the leaves are a bit similar to Mars. It is very beautiful after the pot is burst.

Meteor 2010

This is an absolute small fresh variety. It becomes a heavy petal in spring, the summer becomes a single petal, and the petals are white. It is a very beautiful flower.


It is a bit like a reduced version of sunflowers. The color is fresh and is a less variety in Margaret. The color of the flowers does not know what words to use to describe it. In short, it looks very comfortable.


, Lemon, it doesn\’t matter how it is like a flower. There are two layers of petals. The color is yellow or yellow, and it is white or white. In the sun, the yellow will be more obvious.

Orthopedic brown

The most gorgeous variety of candy Margaret flowers, the color is bright red, a multi -color, which is quite distinctive. Generally, there are a few small flowers in the summer, but the color is lighter. It is recommended to cut off the flower stems.