Coppercurus pictures

Introduction to Copper Cao

Coppercurus is also called: Clampstrickers, large leaf money grass, large bowls, lack of bowl grass, horseshoe grass. It is a perennial creeper herbaceous plant that often shrink into a dumplings. It looks like a small lotus leaf. One section and one section has a blade every section, and it extends upward.

Coppercurus can be hydroponic or soil, and the growth rate of the underground stems is amazing. Wherever the planting will spread, it is one of the aquatic plants that are both beautiful and easy to plant.

Copper coin

The role of copper coins has a lot of effects. It can be viewed, can be used as medicine. It has a good greening effect. It is important to bring its own feng shui and the meaning is good.


The maintenance of copper coins is very simple, the leaves are green and beautiful, and they are one of people\’s favorite waterweeds. Coppercurus can be maintained in warm areas. Water trays, wetlands, and aquariums can be seen everywhere.

Medicinal effect

Many of your flowers and plants are not only furnishings at home, but also connotative. Coppercurus can be used as medicine. As a Chinese medicinal material, it can remove wind and intestines, and the Qing Dynasty.

Feng shui effect

Human life is inseparable from green, and green often gives people a vibrant feeling. The copper coins are round, which is very similar to ancient coins, which means good luck. Coincidentally, there are money in the name, and everyone shakes money. Such plants must be loved by everyone. As the saying goes, there are copper coins at home.

Coppercurus pictures

People who have raised copper coins say that it is not easy to raise, and more water will die, but when you see a bunch in a small wooden flower pot, you can\’t help but want to keep it!

White and green are definitely small and fresh. Copper coins are not as tender and juicy of succulents, but the small pot is particularly delicate!

The copper coins in the sun, the ball -made copper coins danced on the stems, like a small umbrella, care for each other!

Yeah, copper coins are blooming! There are many yellow heads in the green leaves. In fact, if they do not bloom, people will like copper co -grass!

Coppercurus likes to live in groups, and you can live alone. Lonely white bottle, a little stem bar support. It is always lonely on the way to grow, but copper coins will not disappoint you!

The a little green on the balcony, maybe your copper coin grass is not as exquisite as in the picture, but each leaf is upright and upright, which is enough!

Which is old in the autumn wind, and the wild pond looks at copper coins. Such a mood is matched with such plants, like a clear stream, flowing in the heart.

Coppercurd looks very gentle, and speaks gently, soothe people like honey. Just like the subtle relationship between trees and copper coins in the fairy tale world. Coppercurus is plump and delicate because of the cover of the big tree. The phrase \”I like you\” makes the big tree grow more vigorously.