How to overwin the garden viewing flowers?

Fertilizer management

After the autumn, the weather began to cool down. At this time, the flowers had entered the late growth stage. It is necessary to reduce fertilizer with relatively large nitrogen content and increase the degree of phosphorus to relatively much. This kind of use of organic fertilizer that can promote root growth Essence Gradually reduce the frequency and water volume of watering, and enhance the coldness of the roots. After entering the dormant state, you can roll the soil well, and then use the use of organic fertilizers to improve the nutritional content in the soil and help flowers improve the ability to resist cold.


The flowers grown in many courtyards are easily harmful in winter, especially in severe severe peony and tulips. While the cold current has not been invaded, it is necessary to cover some leaves and films such as the surface of these flowers on the surface of these flowers to effectively alleviate frostbite and frost damage. In the next year, the coverage can be removed.

Land management

Before the winter, the roots of the flowers are cultivated, and a thick layer of soil is covered with a thick layer of soil to heat the heat. When the flowers start the spring flowers, the soil will be dug away, and the proper watering and fertilization will be performed to make it normal to make it normal. Growth.

Bandage management

Some flowers are large, and the general methods cannot be managed. At this time, you can cover it with a straw curtain or plastic film, and then tie it with a rope. There are also some flowers that are vulnerable to cold wind. At this time, a windshield barrier can be built near it, and it can be covered with a tarpaulin or straw mats around it. This method can effectively resist the cold air and help the plants to effectively effectively. winter.