The difference between crystal palm and Yulu

Timely out of the room

In the winter, Junlan overwinter in the room, and when the spring is a good time to make gentlemen out of the room;

The temperature in spring gradually rose, and the best time to get out of the room is after the Qingming Festival, but it must be delayed in the cold area for about half a month to get out of the room.

Remember that before the room is out of the room, it is necessary to ventilate the room for two days, adapt to the outside temperature in advance, and then gradually move out of the room. It is mainly to allow Clivia to adapt to the changing environment. After removing the room, you must put it in a place with light.

Pelvic division

The gentleman orchid, which has grown mature, usually changes the basin after blooming in spring, or changes the pot when it is moved out of the room;

First of all, remove the soil and dry roots after the basin, and replace it with a new soil. The new pot is larger than the original flower pot so that the plant will grow again.

If the plant has root, cut the buds at the root of the sterilized knife. If you can’t bring your roots, you can use your hands to pour it with your hands, and then apply sulfur powder to help the plant to protect the plant to avoid ulcers;

The root of the roots is planted in a small basin. If there is no root, it needs to be cultivated with fine sand first. After rooting, it can be maintained in the pot.

Watering and fertilization

Because the temperature in spring is gradually rising, the plants will enter the early stages of growth, so a lot of water is needed during the growth period, but do not water it too much as long as the pot soil is moist.

In winter, Clivia has grown slowly, and its nutrients have also consumed a lot, especially at the time of flowering, their nutrients are almost left. The nutrients must be supplemented in a timely manner. Essence

Alright, do you know the most important point in spring maintenance?

Plant form

Crystal palm plant

Crystal palm is a succulent plant of the twelve volumes of Lily family, which is short;

Its leaves are mutually raw, long or round or spoon, fleshy and thick, and only on the short stems.

The overall form is a tight column to form a lotus seat, and the color of the leaves is emerald green, and it is a semi -transparent leaf;

There are 8 to 12 dark brown stripes on the leaf surface, or brown, cyan plaques in the middle, the edges of the leaves are pink, with thin sawtooth distribution, which appears not smooth.

Its peaks of the flowers are total inflorescence, and the flowers are particularly small.

Yulu’s plant

Yulu is a kind of succulent plant in the linked lipka. The plants are small and exquisite.

Yulu’s leaves are unique. Its leaf color is crystal clear, full of changes, sometimes clear and transparent, and sometimes thick and non -transparent.

There are green stripes on the leaves, growing upright, and the leaves are also fleshy, full of green, and tightly arranged liquid -shaped liquid -shaped arrangements, translucent.

Its flowers are loose general inflorescence, small flowers white.


The growth habit of crystal palm

The crystal palm likes warm and humid and semi -shaded growth environment. It is resistant to drought and is not hot, but it is not cold. The growth temperature is 20-25 ° C.

Yulu’s growth habit

Yulu likes a cool and semi -shade growth environment. The growth period is the most vigorous in spring and autumn. Avoid high temperature and humidity and direct light. It is not suitable for shade to cover the environment.