When will the peels bloom?

When will the peels bloom?

Pyreas are evergreen shrubs. When breeding, the flowering time is actually relatively long. The flowering period is almost the whole year, but blooming in summer and autumn is the most vigorous.There are fruits after blooming, and the fruiting period is generally in winter and spring.

The peels bloom, the flower type is relatively simple. The funnel -shaped flowers have 5 petals on it, and the colors are mostly dark red or pink.

Precautions for blooming of the peels

Piech peels like a good light environment and can be cultivated in a more overcast place, but it may be less and dull.

If you want to open the peels, you need to trim it in a timely manner to keep the appropriate branches, which can promote flowering.

Trimming should be carried out in time after the flowers of the oleet, which can reduce the loss of nutrients.

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