A series of red flowers

A series of red flowers

A string of red flowers and red fire are relatively common festive flowers. The viewing period is very long. Usually flowering can open from summer to autumn. Naturally, a bunch of red flowers are from May -November, but if reasonable control during breeding, it can be a bunch of red four seasons.

A string of red flowering period control

When controlling a bunch of red flowering periods, the most commonly used way is top -up and short -day treatment, and the time to control sowing.

Tooling can run through a string of red growth. Generally, you can make topping when a string of 20cm height of the red plant. It can promote its branches. The second topping of the branches can be used for a period of time. The branches are lush, and if you are glazed once in the late August, you can bloom during National Day.

Short sun control can promote a bunch of red flower bud differentiation. In the spring in spring, the seedling time is short and the sunshine time is relatively beneficial to grow. Drying can bloom faster at about 8 hours a day.

And controlling a bunch of red sowing dates can control the flowering time. If sowing in late August, in November, the basin can be bloomed at the time of light and temperature. Sowing in spring and multiple topics can make it bloom during the National Day.

In addition, a bunch of red four seasons can be opened. If a bunch of red removes all the inflorescences, then the flowers can be bloomed after 25 days. Pay attention to strengthening water and fertilizer management, and give sufficient light and temperature.

If the leaf surface can spray 0.2%potassium dihydrogen phosphate, the color is more gorgeous.

A string of red flower language

A string of red flower language is a heart of love. In addition, there is a bunch of white. Its flower language is energetic, a bunch of purple, and its flower language is wisdom.