Blossom fairy balls are the most common varieties

White sandalwood

White sandalwood is a common flowering variety of cactus. There are many branches. The branches are somewhat like fingers. It is relatively soft and cannot stand upright, covering white hard hair. When blooming, the crimson flowers showed a funnel shape and the flowers were relatively large. White sandalwood likes warm and sunny environment, which can be cold -resistant and require loose and fertile soil when breeding.

Arrow lotus

The arrow lotus is a cactus plant. Blossoming is relatively strong. The flowers are born on both sides of the stems. The color is rich in color, with red, pink, yellow, purple, and white. The flowers are bell -shaped, slightly open, and the petals are rolled. Generally, the flowers will open during the day. Make arrow lotus like warm and humid and sufficient lighting environment.


Antihua is also one of the enchanting cactus. I believe that many people know the flowers. Blossom flowers will bloom very beautiful flowers. The color is mainly pure white, and the petals are lanceolate. The flowers are usually open at night, and the flowering period is relatively short, and it usually fades in a few hours.


The descendants are also called Baoshan. The sphere is flat -shaped, small and exquisite, with gray -white or yellow spines. When the children’s ball blooms, the flowers bloom at the base of the sphere. The flowers are small but the amount of flowers is very bright.

The descendants are native to South America, and they like to ventilate and sunshine.

Bright Red Fairy Finger

The bright red fairy refers to the fairy referring to the plant. The branches and leaves are flat and there are many branches. The flowers are more born at the top of the stem. Generally, 2-3 flowers are blooming. The petals are symmetrical. The bright red fairy refers to the native to Brazil, like warm and humid growth environment, more afraid of strong light and can be tolerant.

鸾 凤 凤

The Fengfeng jade is a planet with a plants. The plant is spherical and has 4-9 obvious edges. The Fengfeng Yu will bloom beautiful flowers. The flowers are generally on the top of the sphere.

Wu Fengyu likes the cold growth environment, requires sufficient light, and the light should be sufficient in summer. The soil generally uses sandy soil.