Breeding methods and precautions for Dendrobium Flower


First of all, its temperature and humidity requirements are relatively high, especially temperature. Its suitable temperature is 15-28 ° C, and the temperature in winter is best above 8 ° C. In the autumn and winter with very low temperature, it will enter the dormant period, and growth will be very slow. There is also humidity, which can be controlled at 60 %.

specific method

Water: Let’s talk about the plants that have just been transplanted. At this time, the plants are very sensitive to moisture, and water dehydration and water are not good. If there is less water, then the plant may develop slowly and dry the branches and leaves, so that the survival rate will be very low. If you spray too much water or accumulate water in the pot, especially if the temperature is high at this time, soft rot is prone to occur. After the transplantation, the humidity in the air is suitable for about 90 %, and after about a week, it can be adjusted to 70 to 80 %. Let’s talk about the growth season. At this time, it is suitable for dry and humidity, which is conducive to germination and long roots. Then there is a dormant period in autumn and winter. At this time, we probably know that we must not pour too much water. However, if the degree of humidity of the air in the late winter period is too low, you must pour more water, and you can also use the sprayer to spray some water.

Temperature: In order to allow plants to grow, develop and bloom normally, it is better to be suitable for temperature (above we say specific temperature). Therefore, in autumn and winter, it is time to take cold protection measures. Those who can enter the room should be placed indoors as much as possible. If you cannot move, you can use coverage and other methods.


Because the plant’s requirements for humidity are relatively high, when the weather is very dry and the humidity is relatively low, spray and sprinkle water can be adopted. The specific temperature of winter overwintering is about eight to ten degrees.