Milan flower breeding method and precautions

Method for farming of Milan

Keep the good performance of the pot soil

Milan’s root is very developed, there are many needle roots and very fine. Therefore, it is necessary to contain rich nutrients in the soil of Milan, and it is necessary to replace the new soil in a timely, and eradicate excess rotted roots. At least two years, it is necessary to change the basin once, and the growth is particularly good.

Add appropriate amount of grass ash, add appropriate amount of base fertilizer, so that the basin is both insured and not accumulated, that is, breathable and numerical.

Watering properly, diligent

When Spring Milan begins to germinate, pay attention to watering, can properly control the water, which is the most critical ring of “controlling flowers”. If Milan germinates, it is not controlled, it is easy to cause the leaves of the leaves. The best way is to water. Keep the pelvic soil during other growth, properly control nutrients. Promote the growth of foliage.

1 to 2 organic fertilizers per week, when the flower bud has been scattered, the phosphate fertilizer is filmed. After the flower, it is necessary to poured organic fertilizer according to the size of the plant, and supplemented the nutrients consumed and the foundation for the next time. However, it is necessary to control the water when fertilization, and it is not limited to the tender head.

Light is sufficient

Milan likes light, the cloudy environment will cause the leaves and leaves, and there is less blossoms and even there is no fragrance, so be sure to let Milan accept sufficient light. In a sufficient environment, the photosynthesis of the blade is strong, the branches are short and thick, the leaves are small and thick, and green is bright, and the flower buds are constantly differentiated.

Take the heart in time

Milan’s germination ability is very strong, and there are many buds, in order to ensure normal flowering, it takes time to complete the branches on the branches, grow thin, and the long branches are cut off to reduce nutrient consumption. When the branches grow to 15 to 20 leaves, they must take the heart, which can promote multiple branches. Timely trimming can also control the length of each branch, not only controlling the perfect plant, but also guarantees that the flowering is neat and beautiful.

Milan flower breeding precautions

Control sun photos time

Milan needs a sun, preferably 12 hours a day. So the Milan flower in the family is preferably placed in the outdoor or balcony sun, so that the green bright and fragrance of the leaves can be guaranteed.

Speaking of illumination, winter illumination time is weak, how to raise the milan flower winter?

Timely supplement fertilizer

Milan flower fertilizer Milan will open a lot of flowers a year, and the nutrient consumption will be very fast. If nutrients are missing, the plants are also difficult to flow, or the flowers are not open. Therefore, it is necessary to supplement fertilizers in time after flowering, prepare for the next time. The fertilizer during growth can be slightly concentrated, and the flowering period can also increase the number of fertilization.


It also said that the watering of Milan is very important. If the lack of water is growing, if there is more water, it will cause the leaves to send yellow, rotten, will affect Milan blossom, so it is recommended for 2 ~ 3 days. Take a water at a time.

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