Can Australian Shan be settled at home?

1. You can put it at home

Australian fir is a type of ornamental plant that likes to plant potted plants very much. It is more suitable in the living room or office hall as an ornamental bonsai because it can absorb the air we exhaled and make the room moist. It can absorb water through the roots, and then use a little water to maintain life. The other half of the water is released into the air to prevent dryness.

2. The benefits of putting at home

1. Release oxygen

Australian fir can produce oxygen through photosynthesis and is a good pet plant. And it can slow down the fatigue of the eye, prevent the dryness of the eyes, and the effect is particularly good.

2. In conducive to the improvement of Feng Shui at home

Whether Shan Shan is placed in the living room needs to be decided according to the situation. If the house is particularly spacious, it can be put. If the house is not particularly spacious, it cannot be put. So it is good as a potted living room or balcony as a potted plant.

However, it cannot be placed in the bedroom, because it is a leaf and a needle -shaped shape, which is particularly bad for the home, which will make people feel irritable. Because it has thorns, it is more suitable for the position of the living room to recruit wealth in terms of Feng Shui science, which can be well conducive to the improvement of Feng Shui.