Can I insert a bottle in the water lily

How to insert water lily bottle insertion

First of all, collect the water lily branches, cut the short flower stalk, and the length of the flower stem cannot be exposed to the bottle mouth too long.

Then, when the water lilies are reversed, the water is cut from the stems, and the mouth is blocked with cotton.Because the flowers of the water lilies need to stand upright under the conditions of the flower stalk full of water.

Then it is filled with water among the prepared vases. Be careful not to load the water. It is about two -thirds of the position. Otherwise, after inserting the water lotus, water may overflow.

Remove the layer of green epidermis on the outside of the water lily and let the flowers inside exposed, otherwise the green outer skin will hinder the blooming of the interior.

The last is to insert the processed water lily into the vase, and then change the water every day.

Water Lily Flower Appreciation