Cistanche’s breeding method and precautions

Choose a place

First of all, choose the position they want to survive in the future, which is the minimum guarantee to ensure. I do n’t know if you know that they are sandy plants and do not need water, so try to choose more sunlight, and rainfall, and at the same time, when they love rain, they drain more when they love rain. If some people are conditions, it is best to choose the hill location. The temperature is very different during the day and night, similar to their most primitive growth environment.

Vaccination method

They are parasitic seeds, and they choose the most suitable choice, such as red willow and shuttle. However, if you choose Hongliu, you should choose plants for more than two or three years. If you choose the red willow planted by yourself, the spacing is best at 1.5m and the line is about 3m. The vaccination time is basically in the two seasons of spring and autumn, and the temperature of these two seasons is very suitable for their growth. At this time, you need to wait patiently. The slowest may take four years to be unearthed. But it is also possible for two years.

Management after planting

At the beginning, some water can be given in moderation, but not too much. This can not only ensure that they grow normally, but also not make them unable to survive because of too much irrigation. One thing must be noted that fertilizer cannot choose chemical composition. In this way, they can maintain their wild quality.

Disease prevention

If they are sick, the most likely possibility is the pink disease, which may damage the root during the seedling period and affect the development of the whole plant. Secondly, root rot is used. If these two cases occur, you can use professional reagents to spray and kill.

Well, I have seen such a complicated planting method. Few people will try to plant this kind of plant, but if your conditions are just right, try it, maybe it will be harvested.