Common varieties of figs


This fruitless tree is relatively short, and the branches have weak ability. Although the output of this fruitless tree is not high, it can be continuously results, and it is more cold -resistant and salt -resistant ability. The fruitless fig trees in Branry can bear fruit in summer and autumn, but the main season is in autumn. The figs that are knotted in autumn are sweet and aromatic. The flesh is reddish brown and the head is relatively small.

Penglai persimmon variety

The fruitless tree -free trees in Penglai persimmon are relatively high, with upright posture, the crown is also very large, the growth ability is very strong, and the cold resistance performance is also better. The fruits of the Penglai persimmon variety are mainly in autumn, and there are very few fruits in summer. The fruits of this variety are purple -red, and the peel is relatively thick, but the top of the fruit is easier to crack. The fruits of this variety are medium, and the flesh is very sweet, but there is no aroma.

Green skin

The trees without flower -free fruits are relatively large, but the branches are relatively small. The branches and leaves of the trees are very lush and cold -resistant. The fruitless fig trees can be available in autumn and summer, but it is mainly the result of autumn. The fruits of this variety of fruit trees are the largest. When mature, the peel is light green. The shoulders of this fig are more likely to crack. The flesh is purple, hollow, and the taste of the fruit is very good.