Common varieties of lotus palm

1. Big leaf lotus palm

Its place of origin is on Terri Fiche Island. The branches of stems are relatively small. Generally, the plants can grow to 1 meter high. The width of the lotus seat can reach 30 cm. It is a large head in the lotus palm. The edges of the leaves are obvious red or purple, and the color of the flower is white to pale pink. Because its leaves are large and the color of the leaves looks good, it is loved by many people. Everyone likes to use it as a plant that views the leaves at home. It needs to be planted more. There may be less branches, and at this time, the sowing method can be used to reproduce.

2. Red and green lotus palm

Its origin is in the Ghana Islands, with a lot of branches. It can grow from 25 cm to 50 cm in height. The leaves are ovate, with a length of 2.5 cm to 5 cm. It is light yellow, sometimes there is redness, very chic. It likes a good environment. The soil requires good drainage. It is usually decorated with potted plants and placed at home. The ornamental is also very strong.

3. Black Master

It is a relatively special variety that does not have distribution in nature. Its leaves are neatly arranged like lotus seats, and the color is black, so it always makes people feel very solemn and mysterious. Value is very high! Its entire plant grows upright, the height can reach about one meter, and there are more branches. The color of the stems is light brown, the leaves are thinner, the length is between 5 and 7 cm. Yellow, the plants usually die after blooming, which is very suitable for placing at home!

4. Qing Shengjin

Its place of origin is also in the Ghana Islands. There are many branches of plants. The color of the middle of the leaves is light green and apricot yellow, with red plaques on the edges, and small semaphés with hairy hair. If it is relatively large, the color of its leaves will change from golden yellow to red, colorful and very beautiful. It is usually used to decorate coffee tables and desks, and the effect is very good!

I will introduce so much today. Everyone can study what kind of lotus palm is in my spare time!