What styles can red leafkinnas be trimmed

Red Leaf Tennin’s styling type


The cube shape refers to trimming the top and all sides of the red leaf river into a relatively neat cutting surface to form a neat square shape. The trimming method of the cube shape is to choose a strong -growing red -leaf river plant, and then trim the top of the plant. , Then trim the side branches around, and then gradually trimming in the process of growing the plant.

Dwarf -shaped shape

During the seedling period of red leafkannin, we must topical work to promote the development and growth of the side branches of the plant. After the second top -top work, the top branches of the crown during the growth of the plants will grow strongly, so During the pruning process, severe pruning should be performed, and the branches on the side should be mildly trimmed, so that the crown of the plant is gradually moved closer to the middle, and then further managed, and then it will become a ball shape.

High -dry spherical shape

The main point of the high -dry spherical shape is to strengthen the management of the water and fertilizer of the plant. In the first year of the seedling period, we must strengthen the management of water and fertilizer and promote the height of the plant growth. The lower side branches of the lower part are sparsely diluted according to the height of the trunk, and then trimmed according to the specific shape.



Based on the height of the hedge, the red leaves are trimmed, and the hedge shape is to neatly trim the top. Its side can be trimmed by the growth square or trapezoid, and the trimming requirements on the opposite side are also vertically trimmed.

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