Home breeding and precautions of planet (pocket)

Home breeding method of planet

Standing soil (pocket)

Plants that grow in the wild in the field in the flower pot, the most difficult thing to think of land. It is very important to choose water and soil and drainage. From water supply, it is very good to protect the soil based on Red jade soil, which can grow vertically downward growth. The roots of the pockets dominated by sand are stunned. Second, in order to sieve the microparticles in order to drain soil, the rotten root problem caused by excessive intake is solved, but it is also useful to have the problem of tanhing, which can only rely on the rhythm of the water to solve it.

Watering on planet (pocket)

Planet (pocket) is very watery, often keeps soil moist. The growth period of 4 to October is about 3 days (Note: It is said that the full-scale shed environment, don’t move), give water from the head, winter sleeping period 2 weeks (Note: It is also a shed environment) Give it a water. Full-fired water is not good from physiology, it is caused by causing waist creases. Energetic sunshine and strong roots make a lot of winter.

Flower pots on planting plants (pocket)

From aesthetic, the pots such as burning pottery can be said. But from the perspective of cultivation, I recommend everyone to use black plastic orchid pots, although the ventilation is not good, but if the above-mentioned soil is completely no problem. It is no longer better than the plastic basin from the potting temperature. It is not limited to the pocket, all the roots of all cactus plants are inseparable from the rise of the land. Warm and flower pots are important things, from this point, black plastic basins is ideal. There is also a spacing between flower pots and flower pots, and don’t forget to give sunshine with a flower pot.

About Planet (Pocket) Light

The planet is warm and sufficient, and it is necessary to pay attention to keep the light. Winter maintains no lower than 5 degrees Celsius and prevents frostbite. Pay attention to sunscreen when high temperature in summer.

Planet (pocket) breeding method

Commonly used seeds and grafted reproduction.

Sowing: Often use indoor basins in the spring, 3 to 5 days after the broadcast, and the seed seed seed seed seed seed seedlings can be blooming.

Grafting: In June to June, often use flowers or quantity of heavens to roase, scallop seedling seedlings, the second year of the second year can be blooming.

Planet (pocket) fertilization

The growth period can be fertilized once a month.

Precautions for planet breeding

About the repair of the pocket

The basin below the medium model, each year, has no relationship between the large pots once every 2 years. The method is to let the fermented chicken fertilizer on the large pelvic soil, the surface of the basin is plain-to-water, and the soil loss is lost. A slightly a little a little bit to increase the weight.

In experience, there will be no failure in mid-April to July. The root of the pocket requires a high temperature of about 40 ° C (about 15 ° C at night), and there is no such temperature in March. In the late February, there is blossom. If you change the basin with other palm plants in early spring, the root will occur due to low moderate and more humidity, and this failure has often occurred before. Why did you say that it is in July, it is to make the roots in winter, and the fatal injury of the propulsion – the occurrence of the waist crease. Once the crease happens, although spring will reply, it will not be explained by the year.

The method of repairing the root is shaking down the root, remove the fine root by hand, and cut off at 2 to 3 cm in the lower portion of the sphere. Put the cold and dry seeds. When we need to confirm whether the root section has decomposes, some should be removed.

In addition to the above, there is a method of completely removed from the rhizo of the pocket. In mid-February, the pocket will be pulled out from the soil, and the root is completely removed, and the indoor is dry, until mid-March, this method can reduce the rotten of the pocket, but with a greenhouse and can control temperature premise.

About the disease

The pocket is prone to decompression, this is not due to bacteria, should consider this problem from a physiological. Low temperature + laid insufficient + poly humidity inevitably occurs. The root of the pocket has its subtle place, which is more stronger than the disease caused by the general bacteria, and does not use the fungicide.

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