How to breeding blue snowflakes

specific method

Choose a basin

When we choose a flower pot for plants, it is best to choose those who are relatively wide, because we know that this plant belongs to shrubs, so as it grows slowly, its area may occupy the area may be bigger. If the pot is too small, it may limit its growth, which is not the result we want to see. However, the flower pots must not be too deep.


It is best to choose peat to plant it. If you use ordinary plantations, the plants may not be good. At this time, you can mix some perlite.


Overall, this plant is very happy. Usually fertilizing has no requirements for types, and it is suitable for other plants. It can generally be used. In addition, you can spray some fertilizers on the leaves, and the effect is also good.


This plant also prefers a moist environment. If you have a long -term water, the leaves of the plant may cause yellowing. In the short term, even if the water is supplemented, it can recover quickly. In addition, if it is the rainy season and the plants are in the flowering period, it is best not to put it outdoors to avoid the flowers from being rained.


After flowering, cut off the residual flowers, it will open new flowers. In addition, it is best not to stay for more than two years of old branches, just leave new branches.


It is native to southern Africa, that is, it likes to live in warm and wet environment. It is more resistant to high temperature and likes light very much. In addition, it is suitable for survival in the soil with fertile and well -drained performance, and it is slightly sticky inside.