How to raise a bamboo plum?

Life habits

The hanging bamboo is originally produced in the tropical area of Mexico.

Later, after leaving the ocean, the bamboo plum was introduced from Japan in 1909.Initially growing in South China, the climate conditions of this place were similar to their original tropical climate, and thus breed very quickly, completely feeling a “local” plant.

The hanging bamboo plum is warm, as long as this condition is satisfied, the ability to adapt to other conditions is very strong, it is easy to raise very much.

How to maintain

Soil requirements

The hanging bamboo plum does not have special requirements for the soil, and it is basically inserted into the kind of thing.

Moisture requirements

The hanging bamboo plum is wet, water is watered once a day, keeping the soil moist, and watering the leaves, the water is reduced in winter.

Fertilization requirements

The growth period can be applied once a month.

Temperature requirements

The growth of the hanging bamboo plum is 10-25 ° C, and the wintering temperature cannot be less than 10 ° C, half-yin, avoid the sun shot.But in the overhead time is longer, it will often lead to the longness of the stem, the leaves are light.

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