How to raise a fleshy fan?


Like abundant sunlight, you can also grow in a semi -shading place, but you should not have no sunlight for a long time; in summer, like other succulents, you cannot be directly exposed to the strong light, so you still need to cover it appropriately, otherwise it will affect it. Growth; if there is no sunlight for a long time, it will also grow long. The best way is to shading in summer, and the abundant sunlight is given in other seasons.


The temperature in summer is relatively high, and the flow of air should be strengthened; if you want it to grow normally in winter, in addition to giving the sun, the temperature is also very important. It must control the temperature above 18 degrees during the day, and control the temperature at 12 degrees at night to 12 degrees The above; if the temperature is lower than 5 degrees, it will be frostbite.


Watering it can be watered when the pot soil is too dry, but the water should be increased in summer, and the temperature in winter cannot meet the requirements, and the watering should be reduced. Spring and autumn are the peak season of growth. At this time, the soil must be maintained in a slightly humid state.


It is not high in fertilizer, just choose a more fertile soil before planting, and then fertilize once a month in the peak growth season.

Pot and trimming

If you want it to grow more ornamental, it is recommended to change the basin once a year and properly trim it at the same time. The plant itself is not too large, but its root system is very large. Essence