How to raise it

Cosmetic Maintenance Method:

Introduction to origin:

Its origin environment is very harsh, with both high temperature and high fever, and frost storms, and the temperature of the day and night is relatively large. The climate of the four seasons is also very obvious. Other plants may be tortured by such an environment. He died, but it can survive stubbornly, showing how powerful its vitality is. How should we raise it when we are maintained?

Maintenance skills:

Cold cold: It has a strong ability to protect the cold, so there is no problem in exposing care in the south;

Light: It is not suitable for growing under the scorching sun, especially the sunlight in the summer, and it must be covered in the half -shade as possible; but if it is in winter and spring, it can be fully exposed to strong light; , Also avoid it properly;

Soil: Suitable for soil with better drainage;

Watering: Keep more dry soil in winter, and maintain more moist soil in summer, which is very conducive to its health.

Transplantation: In fact, it is very impatient to transplant, so you must choose the place where the planting. If you have to be transplanted, do not damage the root.