How to support the garden the garden the chrysanthemum of the chrysanthemum

1. Choose the right soil quality

The chrysanthemum of the hemp embroidery line prefers the fertile land, so when planting, you must choose the soil with a loose soil and a good water permeability. In this way, its roots can get better protection and nutritional needs. In addition, the stickiness of those soils is particularly large, and then add some fine sand or small stones to adjust the soil better. Do not choose the soil with the soil that is particularly sticky and the humid soil blocks. This is not good to the roots, and it will not survive easily. The best quality of sand soil.

2. Suitable light and temperature

The requirements of the chrysanthemum of the hemp embroidery line are very high in the sun. To ensure sufficient sunlight, the ventilation is better. Generally, it is best to grow and develop under the temperature of about 25 °. If you 25 °, frost damage will cause death, so you must control the temperature to meet its needs for temperature.

3. Appropriate watering and fertilization

Before planting, be sure to ensure sufficient base fertilizer and sufficient water. Generally, it is best to use rotten manure. When it is about to bloom, it is necessary to apply it 2 to 3 times phosphate and potassium fertilizer. When it is fast in autumn, it is best to overwinter fertilizer. In winter, fertilization must be stopped, and the amount of watering must be reduced.

4. Perform proper plastic pruning

After growing to a certain degree, the chrysanthemums of the hemps should be trimmed. The best season is the best in spring. It must be cut off before germination in early spring. The aging branches must be cut off to keep him beautiful, so that it can be leafy, it can grow very vigorously, bringing a beauty to the entire courtyard.