Does the octagonal golden plate bloom?

The flowering period of an octagon

The octagonal gold plate will bloom, and its flowers are yellow and white. The flowering period is between October and November each year.

The flower shape of the octagonal golden plate: Its flower inflorescence is a conical top, which is opened in the umbrella, with brown fluff covered on it. There are 5 petals, which are triangular ovate. Its filaments are as long as petals. The entire flower is yellow and white, or a faint white, and blue green.

The flowers of the octagonal golden plate are very delicate, and the small granules are clustered. At the top of the branches, it will be beautiful.

The flower language of the octagon

The octagonal golden plate is like a palm and it looks like an octagonal. Therefore, the flower language of the octagonal golden plate symbolizes the appearance, strong, bone, confidence, and also symbolizes the eight parties to gather wealth. Therefore, sending the octagonal gold disk to his friends and relatives can express his wealth to him and the blessings of step by step.

You can also recruit wealth and gather treasures in the indoor breeding octagonal.


The octagonal gold plate likes a warm and humid environment. Blossoming in autumn, because the octagonal golden plate itself is easy to raise, so there is no need for special management when blooming. As long as it is guaranteed to have normal care such as light and sufficient water.

However, if in winter, pay attention to the cold protection, do not place it outdoors, transplant indoors, and keep the soil moist.

Well, do you think the octagonal golden plate is very worry -free and easy to raise after reading it, so don’t worry, your octagonal gold disk will also be fruitful under your normal maintenance.