Huang Lan’s flowering period

Huang Lan’s flowering period:

Its flowering period is June to July, but potted plants can change its flowering period.

Flower shape:

Its flowers are yellow and the aroma is particularly rich. Each flower consists of 15 to 20 petals. The length of a single petal is about 3 cm to 4 cm, and the width is between 4 mm and 5 mm.

Huang Lan can still keep green for many years. It is more distinctive with its yellow flowers, and its petiole and new leaves, branches, and buds are yellow.

How to change the flowering period:

Let’s talk about how to change its flowering period, of course, it is not possible to make it bloom. Its normal flowering period is June to July, at that time, the lowest temperature is 20 degrees, and the highest can reach 30 degrees, so if you want to bloom in advance, you must have a suitable temperature. Many people want it to bloom around the New Year to add the festival atmosphere. At this time, it can move it to a lower temperature environment in advance. Place it, you can see its flowering about 25 days to 30 days, but keep the air humidity of more than 60%at high temperature, which is also a very important factor. It is more sensitive to temperature, so this method can be used to make it bloom in advance. Friends can experiment!