Method of Rainbow Barbers

1. Soil

It prefers good drainage, fertile, loose acidity soil, so pot soil is more suitable for using some rotten leaves as cultivation soil, and then add some sand or wood chips to match the soil. It can meet its demand for soil and help it grow better.

2. Temperature

Generally, it is more suitable for 20 to 25 degrees, which can make it grow better within this range. In addition, the temperature cannot be lower than fifteen degrees in winter, otherwise it will cause frost damage and cause its leaves to hurt, especially when it exceeds ten degrees, it will slowly die. The temperature in summer should not be too high, and high temperature will also affect its growth. So temperature is also very important.

3. Light

It is more afraid of the sun, and it must be covered with the sun in the summer and autumn seasons. It will not make the sun too strong, otherwise it will make the color of the leaves very old and dry. But it can’t make that light too weak, otherwise it will make its leaves thin, and there will be no gloss and not good -looking. In winter, we can give it a bit more sunshine.

4. Water

Rainbow Barbus prefers a wet place. When the temperature is high in summer and autumn, Kawaii keeps the soil in the basin wet, otherwise it will make the leaves dry and the growth is very bad. Putting water once a day outside of the water will be poured out of the water once a day. It also needs to be sprayed with spray so that it can keep its humidity, and the leaves become shiny and beautiful.

5. disease insect

It is generally not easy to have insects, but sometimes there are also. At this time, we must pay special attention. We can use some more effective ways to kill those bugs so that it can protect it well. Destroyer must be very timely to eliminate bugs, so the problem of insects must not be forgotten.