Rubber tree breeding method and precautions

First, flower pot

Flower Pot Basin Requirements: Cotta Cultivation can be used in muddy pots, plastic basins, porcelain pots.

Potted size: The rubber tree can be planted in a pot of 20-30 cm pots.

Second, the basin

Rubber tree is fertilized, loose sandy soil. The cultivating soil can be used with humorite, garden soil, and the cultivated soil each 1/3 of the river sand is made, and the pie fertilizer is also applied to the balance. The ranchers will be changed every one by one year.

Third, watering

The rubber tree is wet, but it is impressive and not drought. The spring and autumn season keeps the pot soil and often sprinkles with the blade and surrounded by water, increasing air humidity.

Summer moisture evaporation is faster, the rubber tree needs a large amount of water, watering every day, while increasing the number of sprinkles. When the temperature in winter is low, water is watered to keep slightly wet, if the temperature is around 10 ° C, water is appropriately watered, so as not to cause the pelvic soil to cause fallen leaves.

Four, fertilization

Rubber tree, but avoid nitrogen fertilizer, nitrogen fertilizer too much, the stem festival is long, the leaves are large, and the shaped posture is not beautiful. So the seeds are in the seasons for 20 days, and a small amount of phosphate dihydrogen phosphate solution is added. Mechanic is controlled to control its height, and it can be mixed every two months.

V. Light and temperature

The eraser is growing with sufficient light, but it is also more infusively, and thus, as long as the rubber tree is placed at the south and sunshine window, pay attention to ventilation.

The rubber tree is not cold, the temperature is lower than 10 ° C to the indoor maintenance, keep the potting soil moisture. Family cultivation is usually moved to outdoor maintenance in late April to October, and the hot summer season planted.

6. Precautions

The rubber tree growth is at a temperature of 25 ~ 30 ° C, and if the winter is less than 3 ° C, the blade will become yellow. Therefore, in the winter should be placed in the indoor to the sun, keep room temperature above 10 ° C. When the summer exceeds 35 ° C, the plants should be moved to a cool and ventilated place, and the water will cool down in time.

The rubber tree is Sangko plant, and the whole plant contains milk. Therefore, it is necessary to apply charcoal powder immediately after each trim, so as not to flow out of excessive juice, resulting in dying.

The eraser seedling period requires regular conversion of the basin of the basin, in order to avoid the planting of the plant to grow, resulting in a small end of the strain, affecting the appearance.

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