Seven leaf lotus breeding methods and precautions

1. Breeding method


Qiye lotus is mainly distributed in valleys or wet woods. It prefers high temperature and high humidity environment. It does not have high requirements for soil, but it is generally the best in sandy soil with better drainability. For potted seven -leaf lotus cultivation soil, you can use peat soil, rotten leaves soil, perlite and a certain amount of base fertilizer to stir together. Of course, the easiest way is to use fine sand soil as potted soil. OK.


If you put Qiye lotus in the room, keep it at least 4 hours a day to contact the sun. But you can’t directly expose it. This can promote the growth and development of Qiye lotus.


Regarding the problem of seven -leaf lotus watering, it is necessary to distinguish between different seasons. Generally, the water required for the high temperature in the summer is relatively much. Wetness of soil. In the two seasons of spring and autumn, the number of watering can be reduced accordingly. Pouring once every three or four days is enough. At this time, if you water too much water, it may rot the roots of Qiye lotus. Watering less in winter, as long as the pot soil of Qiye lotus is guaranteed not to dry.


The fertilization time of Qiye lotus is mainly in the summer. At this time, it is the most vigorous time it grows. The choice of fertilizer can use the equal amount of NPK elements to match the acidity. However, the seven -leaf lotus of spots can be applied to nitrogen fertilizer directly, and the amount is not required, too much can cause the plaque to turn green.

2. Precautions

The growth temperature of Qiye lotus should be kept between 15 degrees Celsius and 25 degrees Celsius. The minimum cannot be lower than 5 degrees Celsius, otherwise the leaves of seven will be frozen and rotten. In the daily care process of Qiye lotus, pay attention to putting it in a good ventilation environment, and there must be appropriate sunlight, of course, it cannot be exposed directly. When watering Qiye lotus in winter, pay attention to the reduction of the number of times, and the temperature of the water should be consistent with the temperature of the soil to prevent the seven -leaf lotus from being frozen.