The breeding method and precautions of Feiyu Mascular taro

Features of plants

First of all, Feiyu Barbon likes a mild sunshine, that is, there must be no light, and naturally it cannot be too strong. In addition, it also has high requirements for temperature, is not resistant to high temperature and cold. In addition, it has demand for fertilizers, but not many.

specific method


The growth of almost every plant requires more or less sunlight, and this plant is no exception. If there is no light or too little, the leaves of the plant may become very thin, and it will slowly dim, lose its original beauty, and lose its ornamental value. Therefore, we should give it some sunlight, but it is not given no system. For example, at noon in summer, it is not necessary to say that we must be inappropriate at this time. However, in view of the sunlight in winter, it is not very strong, and considering that it is going to winter, it is possible to give it appropriately in winter.


The appropriate temperature of plants grows during the day is 22 to 28 degrees Celsius, and the night is different. Because it is very sensitive to temperature, once the temperature is higher than thirty -two degrees in summer, it may be killed. In addition, it cannot spend the winter outdoors in winter. Therefore, this requires us to pay attention to both summer and winter, and it is best to put it indoors to spend winter and give appropriate cooling and heating measures.


The treatment of the spring and autumn seasons is basically the same, and fertilizer is applied once a month. We generally choose a thin liquid fertilizer. In winter and summer, you don’t need to fertilize.


Feiyu Machimaco is not very high in this requirement, but a loose breathability will be beneficial to plants.