The breeding method and precautions of Huanglianmu


First of all, this plant’s demand for light is relatively large. Secondly, it likes a warm environment, fearing the cold. It is better adaptable, it can also adapt to drought, and the requirements for soil are not strict. Its roots can be tied to a very deep soil, and the root system is very developed.

specific method

Light: The healthy growth of plants is inseparable from the sun, and as much as possible to see the sun as much as possible.

Fertilization: We need to adjust this factor according to different periods. When plants are still a small seedling, we mainly apply fertilizer mainly based on N and P elements. If it is a quick period, then we must take into account all kinds of elements, and we must not only take into account a single element. In the period of hardening, the treatment is different. The fertilizer of K element is mainly applied. Do not apply N fertilizer. In the late August, it is not appropriate to fertilize.

Weeding: Under normal circumstances, we should treat plants in time after the rain, so that it is of great significance to the rapid growth of it.

Soil: Although this plant has no special requirements for soil, good soil quality has a very important role in its thriving growth. We generally choose to plant it with nutritious and well -drained places, such as limestone mountains.

Diseases and insect pests: The main diseases are anthracnose, and there are many pests. If the plant unfortunately encountered these disasters, spray the potion in time for prevention and treatment.


When we fertilize, we must also pay attention to the concentration. This should be determined according to the size of the plant. The young plants should use thin fertilizers, and the concentration of plant concentrations can be appropriately increased.