The breeding method and precautions of the fleshy phoenix

Plant habit

Before we understand how to raise it, we must first know some knowledge about its habits. There are two more important things. One point is that it does not have too many demand for light, and it cannot receive very strong light irradiation. The second is that it requires harsh moisture to compare the price. It cannot be less or too many.

specific method


We have also said that there are not many demand for this factors, but it is not to say that it does not give it a little light, which is definitely inappropriate. In fact, if it is given appropriate light, its blades will become slightly red and very beautiful. Therefore, we must let it be in a position where light is not strong, or take it out on time every day. Of course, the time choice is also skillful. You cannot throw it under the sun when the sun is empty at noon, especially in the summer. Therefore, we generally choose when the sun is just out or westward.


Compared with other plants, the roots of this plant are still very stubborn, so generally don’t need too much water. If water is in a state of excess for a long time, it is likely to endanger plant health. Therefore, under normal circumstances, we will only give water after the soil is dried. Do not see the soil at the surface of the surface and rush to pour it. And when we water it, try not to get water droplets on the leaves of the plant, otherwise it may slowly rot.


This is also very important, to ventilate regularly.


If the plant really produces the rotten roots due to excessive watering, we need to cut off the broken part first, and then perform special disinfection treatment.