The cultivation method and precautions of Huanghua Zhaobo

1. Temperature requirements

Huanghua Zhaobo’s requirements for temperature are not high, and it can be kept outdoors for breeding. Even in the cold winter, it can survive under minus five degrees, and it can grow at about zero degrees. Although the temperature requirements are not high, for the sake of the plants to grow up healthy, it is recommended not to let it be in an environment where it is too cold and overheated. 15 degrees to 22 degrees is the most suitable temperature for its growth. In the winter with a lower temperature, pay attention to cold prevention and warmth.

Second, light requirements

Huanghua Zhaobo is not too high for light, but it prefers light. If the sun is abundant, the flowers will be more prosperous and the flower type is more beautiful. In the dormant period of summer and winter, pay attention to proper shading. Summer scorching sun, do not expose, shade.

3. Watering requirements

Like other succulent plants, the demand for water for water is not particularly large. In its place of origin in South Africa and the Mediterranean area, there are often no rainwater for several months and can still survive. When watering, wait until the pot soil is completely dry, and then water the water at one time. In winter, we must strictly control water and keep the soil dry.

Fourth, the requirements for fertilization

In the spring and autumn season, the temperature and moisture are more suitable. It is the growth period of yellow flowers. Plants need more nutrition, which can chase fertilizer once a month. Fertilizer can choose rotten leaves or compound fertilizers. By the dormant period of winter, the plants stopped growing. At this time, there were not many nutrients, and fertilization should be stopped.

Five, reproduction method

Yellow flower autumn wave reproduction is mainly based on division methods. It is best to choose in spring and autumn. Take out the yellow flowers from the pot, and then divide the plants into two or three copies according to the direction of the root. After the division is divided, remove the rotten rhizomes that are not good. You can disinfect the wound and plant it into different pots. It won’t be long before you can give birth to a new root.