The difference between beauty trees and kapok trees

The difference between height:

The growth height of the beauty tree is between 8 meters and 15 meters, and the maximum kapok tree can grow to 25 meters high.

The difference between the tree:

Beauty tree: The skin of the tree during the growth stage is green, the skin of the tree after the tree is brown -green or dark green, and the shape of the trunk is thick and thin, a bit like the shape of the bottle;

Kapok tree: The outer skin of its trunk is always gray -white, but during the seedling stage, the skin of the trunk will have thicker thorns.

The difference between leaves:

The shape and size of their leaves have a certain gap. The leaf of the beauty tree is between 12 cm and 14 cm, which is oval. The width is about 3.5 cm to 5.5 cm, which is long and round.

The difference between flowers:

The beauty tree is the order of blooming in the long leaves. The flowering period can last for 2 to 3 months from the beginning of November, but December is the best time to enjoy the flowers. At this time, no leaf grows. This is also great. Increasing its ornamental value, the upper part of the flower is pale pink, and the lower part is close to white.

The flowering period of the kapok tree is from March to April. The flowers are red, but sometimes orange -red. The flowering kapok trees are also very spectacular.

The difference:

They also have high ornamental and can be planted in courtyard or gardens. But kapok trees can also be used as medicinal materials.