The difference between Huoxiang thistle and fake stinky grass

Differences in the family of Huoxiang Thistle and Fake Smelly Grass

Although the fragrant thistle and the fake odor are the same as the chrysanthemum family, the Huoxiang thistle belongs to the genus of the red thistle, and the fake smelly grass belongs to Zelan, and they are different in the same family.

The leaves of Huoxiang Thistle and Fake Stinky Grass are different

The leaves of Huoxiang Thistle are wide -ovate or ovate, the leaves are rounder, the sawtooth is more blunt, and the edge sawtooth is not obvious. obvious. In terms of the smell of the leaves, after rubbing the leaves of the fake stinky grass, you can smell a stimulating smell similar to cat urine, and the smell of Huoxiang thistle is relatively light.

The total buds of Huoxiang Thistle and Fake Stinky Grass

This difference is relatively obvious. The total buds of the thistle are cup -shaped, while the fake stinky grass is long or bell -shaped.

The role of Huoxiang Ji and fake stinky grass is different

Although both plants are invaded species, Huoxiang Thistle has certain ornamental value and medicinal effects. At present, fake smelly grass is only harmful, and prevention and treatment of fake stinky grass is a more important task, because it excludes other grass wherever they go, which seriously affects the diversity of plants in the place. In addition, fake smelly grass can also seriously consume soil nutrients, destroying the fertilizer and cultivation of the soil. In addition, the fake smelly grass will secrete a toxic smell, which is not conducive to the foraging of livestock.

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