The difference between Moon Rabbit Ears and Bear Palm

1. The difference in appearance

The top of the lunar ears has brown spots, and the brown spots on the blades are particularly obvious when the sun is sufficient. The shape of the leaves is long -shut -up, the tip of the leaves is round, and the leaves have gray -white fluff on the leaves. It looks like the ears of rabbits, so it is called “monthly ears”. The plants of the bears are more branches, the rhizomes are green, and the green leaves are covered with small white fluff. The shape of the leaves resembles the bears’ feet. The top of the leaves has claw -like short teeth.

The difference between flowers

Moon rabbit ears are orange, with 4 petals, and the flowering period is relatively long. Generally bloom in early summer, the inflorescence is relatively high, and the flowers are stretched upwards. The inner or central flowers are first open, and then slowly open to both sides, called hidden umbrella inflorescence.

Xiong Tongzi’s flowering period is generally blooming from the end of summer to early autumn. The flowers are relatively small. The top of each mother plant will bloom with orange-red flowers. Millimeter, the petals rolled slightly outward. It is green, about 6 mm long, about 5 mm wide, and the flowers are very small and exquisite.

Third, the difference between plant height

The overall height of Xiong Tongzi is about 30 cm, and the width is about 11-12 cm. Its leaves are thick and fleshy, and the leaves are interacting with each other. The leaves are about 2.3-6.5 cm long, and about 1.5-3.2 cm wide.

The moon rabbit ear has no special standards at height because it grows too high and too fast.

Fourth, the difference between main value

The main value of the two plants of Moon Rabbit Ear and Bear Palm is not much different, and they belong to crafts. It can be used as a small potted in the indoor. The leaf shape is more beautiful and has a certain ornamental value. Can be placed on desks, window sills or coffee tables. Another role of Moon Rabbit ear is that it can be placed next to TV and computer to help absorb radiation. It can also be used in indoor substances that absorb formaldehyde and other harmful substances to help purify indoor air.

Five, the difference between soil

The soil of the rabbit ear is best to use fertile, loose and breathable sandy loam. The bear’s palm is not high for the soil. Just use the ordinary garden soil. You can add some chicken manure to its bottom fertilizer to the bottom of the pot.