How to raise lavender

Sowing method of lavender

Sowing container selection

The planting of the family sowing lavender can be replaced with other containers with a relatively small small flower pot. For example, yogurt box, spherling several holes with a cone at the bottom of the box. Disposable plastic cups can also, but because it is transparent, it is best to use black paper paste or put on the upper paper cup (if the root of the plant is exposed to the sun, it will affect growth, and soil is easy to grow green moss).

Soil requirements

The seeds of lavender are relatively small, and the sprout rate is low, so the soil in which the seeds used in seeds need to be loose, breathable, and the water is high, and it is sinensinated. It can be used with vermiculite, peat, moss, generic rock, snake wood, etc. Conditional flowers can also be configured.

Daily maintenance of lavender


Lavender does not like the roots of the roots. After the water is put into water, the water should be given to the soil, dry the surface culture medium, and the inside is wet, and the leaves are slightly worous.


It is a full-suggeting plant, which requires sufficient sunlight and wet environment, which can give a full-scale environment, and the half-sunshine can also grow, and the only flowers are more rare. At least 50% of sunshine should be covered in summer, and increase ventilation to reduce the ambient temperature, so that although weakened, it will not die.

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