The difference between overlord whip and keel column

1. Basic features

1. Overlord whip. Overlord whip is a tree -like plant. Its stalks are thick and generally have five edges. The branches are spiral, and the colors are lighter green. There are black thorns on it. Its leaves have a lot of pulp. The color is also the color. Light green.

2. keel column. There are many branches of keel columns, and the color is blue -green. The height can generally reach four to five meters. There will be a lot of small thorns on its edges. Sometimes it is difficult to pay attention to it. The flowering time of the keel column is in the summer. The color of the flowers is white. Generally, it is open during the day, and it is closed at night. Its small round berry is also blue -purple, and it can be eaten!

2. Growth habits

1. Overlord whip. The overlord whip likes the sun with sufficient sunlight, which can fight drought and high temperature resistance, but they are more afraid of the cold. Generally, the temperature is low, and its leaves will fall. It is best to grow in the sandy soil with good fertile and loose and drainage, which can grow to 3 meters. Therefore, if the potted tyrants whip must choose the sand soil with good permeability, the pots must also choose the soil pot with relatively good breathability, and the bottom of the pot should be used as a drainage layer. The growth of the overlord whip.

2. keel column. The keel column likes dry loam, which is more resistant to drought, but cannot be resistant to severe cold. It must be cultivated indoors in the northern winter. The environment for the growth of the keel column must be ventilated, otherwise it is particularly prone to pests.

3. Toxicity

1. Overlord whip. The entire plant of the Overlord whip contains white and toxic milk. If you accidentally eat it, it will be poisoned. If it is splattered in the eyes, the eyes will be blind.

2. keel column. There is a sharp thorns on the stems of the keel column meat. It has toxic white milk on the outer stem and cannot get it in the eyes. In the process of family breeding Poisoning. Its juice is also toxic. If the branches and leaves are broken, be sure not to touch the milky juice flowing out, let alone put it in the mouth, otherwise the mouth will be numb!

Do you think the above differences are comprehensive? Friends can continue to study what other differences they are!