The difference between small hibiscus and hibiscus

Different appearance

Leaf: The leaves of the first plant are alternate, showing the shape of the cracks, and there are small, irregular jagged on the edge. The leaves of the second plant are diamond -shaped or ovate, and the base is wedge.

Flowers: Perhaps the difference between the leaves is not very good, then let’s look at their flowers. The former’s flowers are relatively small, and the number of petals is five petals; and the latter’s flowers are relatively large. The shape of the flower is bell -shaped and single. There are also some differences in their colors. The colors of the first plant are relatively single. Generally speaking, there are only two types of pink and pink. The color of another plant is rich in color, including pure white, pink, light purple, purple -red and so on.

Different names

They have different aliases. The first types of exquisite hibiscus, mini hibiscus, Yu Linglong, etc. The second plant is the names of kapok and Jingwing (personally, it is still known as the aliases of the small hibiscus).

Different classes

The first is the genus of South Africa Aoi, Xiaosco, and the second is Hibiscus Mibon. This may be the most fundamental difference between them. After all, the differences between the species determine that they have different properties.

Different distribution areas

Let’s talk about their respective origin. Although they are tropical or subtropical regions native to the African continent, they have different distribution areas after they are introduced into our country. The first distribution area is mainly in the area of ​​Shandong, Zhejiang, and Anhui Province; the distribution of the second plant is much widespread. Not only the northeast and northwest, there are almost all provinces and cities. Here No one is listed one by one.