Creative planting environment

1, summer maintenance

The growth temperature of the immortality is suitable for about 25-30 ° C. After the temperature exceeds this value, the cents will grow slowly and even stop growing, and the room temperature control in summer is very important. For the general plastic greenhouse, it is necessary to take measures to cool down. , Use 75% of the black shaded net to make a shade, 10-55. You can also install a water curtain, a fan, to reduce the temperature of the room to ensure the temperature required to grow.

It is forbidden to reduce the temperature in the shed, and insomnia high temperature and high humidity, and pay attention to ventilation. Temperature is too high will enable the cents to enter dormancy and extend the growth cycle.

2, autumn maintenance

After entering September, the weather is cold, and the environmental conditions are gradually suitable for their growth. The immortal will gradually enter the strong period. According to the spacing of the finished flower, it will make it ventilated, fully grown, form a good Crown shape.

The weather is gradually performed, and the blister is removed in the fall of the fall, fully make it produced and absorbed, producing organic matter, providing sufficient nutrients required to grow. The temperature during the day should be 20-25 ° C, at night 15 ° C facilitates the dividing of the fancy bud, when the temperature is below 10 ° C, the color of the fairy is dark, easy to wither, less than 5 ° C, it is easy to encounter It is necessary to pay attention to the temperature in the shed.

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